Ciara's Gift

Grief Edged With Gold

By Una Glennon

Una Glennon is the mother of Ciara Glennon, one of three young women to have disappeared from the suburb of Claremont in Western Australia in 1997. Two weeks later, Ciara's body was found north of Perth and was linked to the infamous "Claremont Serial Killer." The murder of Ciara left Una and her family shattered by grief. Ciara's Gift, expressed with honesty and insight, is the true story of Una's often lonely search for meaning after this cruel and devastating event. In a series of deeply moving and thought-provoking memories and reflections, Una weaves the reader through the shadowland of grief to eventually emerge with a deeper understanding and acceptance of suffering and the fragility of life. This is a book she would never have wished to write, but became compelled to write, as a gift from her daughter to every parent who has lost a child. Ciara's Gift is a project in the making for over ten years and is a compelling story of finding faith and hope amidst loss.

115 pages

Publication Date: 5/15/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781921401640