The Poet Who Forgot

By Catherine Cole

'Her bulk of beauty, her stupendous grace Challenged the lion heart in his puny dust.' ---- A.D. Hope was already a world-renowned poet, and Catherine Cole was a young undergraduate student of Australian literature, when a polite note from the student to the poet sparked a lively correspondence between the two that would continue over two decades, until Hope's death in 2000. The Poet Who Forgot uncovers the unique personal friendship that developed between Hope and Cole through the creative dynamics of their mentor/apprentice relationship. Hope's letters reveal the generosity which influenced an emerging writer, while exploring the ways in which we move towards maturity and old age, remembering and forgetting as we travel. The Poet Who Forgot offers supportive and often humorous observations on life, literature, and the writing practice, as well as exciting new perspectives on A.D. Hope's thoughts and considerable literary legacy.

280 pages

Publication Date: 2/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781921401046