Global Migration and Ethnic Communities

Studies of Asia and South America

Edited by: Naoki Yoshihara

This book is a collection of essays on the critical subject of migration in a global context. The book offers insights into the broad range of experiences of migrants in diverse settings. It also examines multi-layered local community issues that have emerged in the light of the increasing flow of people across the globe. The key question informing the arguments in the book has to do with the relationship between nationality and citizenship. Part I of the book looks at the situation of emigrant workers, discussing the opportunities and problems they face in their experiences overseas. Part II focuses on the transformation of ethnic communities, painting a picture of various forms of migrants based on the constellation of such factors as safe and secure town planning, redevelopment, and kou (rotating savings and credit associations). Finally, Part III addresses migrant education and language, and also discusses identity formation and generational succession of minority children who live in a multicultural symbiotic society. (Series: Stratification and Inequality - Vol. 14)

282 pages

Publication Date: 4/16/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781920901769

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