Arctic Pastoralist Sakha

Ethnography of Evolution and Microadaptation in Siberia

By Hiroki Takakura

This is a pioneering overview of a little known pastoral system in eastern Siberia. In the Sakha Republic's unique system of permafrost lakes and meadows, human practices are directly linked to the way that the landscape offers itself as a host. This fundamental work should command wide attention by regional specialists and all those interested in local forms of pastoralism. -- David G. Anderson, U. of Aberdeen *** "The key importance of this book lies in its main message, emphasizing the necessity of the study of the Sakha people's adaptation to one of the coldest regions on our planet. Professor Takakura's work constitutes a scrupulous analysis of available literature and a visualization of examples from everyday rural life beyond what is often seen in research fieldwork." -- Vanda Ignatyeva, Inst. of Humanities and Indigenous Studies of the North, Yakutsk *** "The book presents a fascinating analysis of the horse and cattle breeding culture of the Sakha. It is a scrupulous discussion of the complex interaction between the Soviet-style economic organization, post-Soviet market economy and animism. The rationality behind the traditional collectivism that works under a market economy is well documented and elucidated." -- Victor Shnirelman, Inst. of Ethnology and Anthropology, Moscow (Series: Modernity and Identity in Asia) [Subject: Ethnography, Asian Studies, Anthropology]

Publication Date: 4/27/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781920901493