Good Earths

Regional and Historical Insights into China's Environment

Edited by: Ken-Ichi Abe, James E. Nickum

China encompasses a wide range of natural environments and human communities. Focusing on specific regional changes over time, this book presents empirical studies that examine the diversity of interactions between peoples and their environments in China. Good Earths is organized around the themes of land, trees, water, and grasses - as scholars from China and beyond assess particular regional environmental issues drawing on both contemporary and historical sources. Each chapter examines a specific topic that sheds light on the relationship between peoples and environments in China, from the formation of the Pearl River Delta to the effects of the Three Gorges Dam Project and the socio-environmental significance of bamboo. Ecologically fragile belts, ethnic and environmental margins, ecologically motivated migration, deforestation and reforestation, pollution, and water use are just some of the issues examined. Good Earths thus provides an important account of key environmental issues facing China today.

292 pages

Publication Date: 2/1/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781920901356