Corporate Elders

'Organisation Men' Look Back

By Leonie Still

Corporate Elders presents a rare look at the Australian executive culture and lives of its inhabitants through a holistic picture of the careers and lives of fifty managerial and professional men in their 50s. Commencing their careers during the era of the 'organization man', these executives are leaving the workforce in the times of the 'protean career' and the 'boundaryless career'. In the practice of business and management, these corporate elders held a core of beliefs and values that focused on the importance of honesty and integrity. They have largely been successful, and many of them participated in, and oversaw, some of the biggest changes in the Australian workforce. These reflections on management and the managerial process reveal a consistency that transcends all epochs, eras, and generations. The corporate elders have walked their own talk in matters of professional conduct during an era of scandals in corporate governance and associated corporate damage. Many of them experienced some of the exciting episodes of the 1980s entrepreneurial era in Western Australia, when men such as Alan Bond and Robert Holmes ? Court, walked the world scene. This was an era in the Australian executive culture that will never be repeated.

235 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2006
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781920694616