Marking the Land

A Collection of Australian Bush Wisdom and Humour

Edited by: Brian Dibble, Jim Evans

Contributions by: Richard Woldendorp

Trust everyone, but brand your calves.-It always rains and spoils a good drought.-Most of the time, crow low and roost high.-Never say die till a dead horse kicks you. - There is much wisdom and many a laugh to be found in this delightful collection of Australian sayings. The play of humor, practical good sense and irony locates them unmistakably in this country and in the particular habits of people in the bush. Brian Dibble and Jim Evans, both teachers and farmers, have collected bush sayings over many years-from newspapers, advertisements, songs, books, colleagues and friends, and just talking with people. The beautifully captured photographs by award-winning Richard Woldendorp, perfectly enrich and complement the text.

98 pages

Publication Date: 11/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781920694463