Case Studies in Legal Research Methodologies

Reflections on Theory and Practice

Edited by: Laura Cahillane, Jennifer Schweppe

The methodological approach and methods used in any particular research project are key to its success. In 'Legal Research Methods: Principles and Practicalities' (Clarus Press, 2016), the contributors assessed the relative utility of a variety of methods and methodologies in the context of legal research generally. Taking a case studies approach, contributors to this text have written about the methods used in a particular piece of research, outlining the justification for the choice of that methodology; describing the methods used; detailing the advantages, disadvantages and challenges to the approach taken; discussing any ethical considerations that arose in the context of the research; reflecting on the approach taken; and concluding with advice to scholars engaging with similar methods or methodologies. Each chapter is structured in the same way in order to allow for ease of comparison between the approaches taken. The real advantage of this book is the insightful advice provided by the authors, who are all experts in their relevant fields, and through the examples given the reader gains the benefit of the lessons learned and experiences of the authors.

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781911611110