Evidence-Based Teaching in Primary Education

Edited by: Val Poultney

Contributions by: Ian Menter

Trainees and school-based practitioners in the UK are being encouraged to engage more with evidence-based teaching methods. Teachers are now more responsible for the outcomes of their own practice and are charged with sourcing 'best practice' solutions in their pedagogical approaches, while schools are moving more towards in-house professional development approaches that have a clear focus on raising standards in the classroom. This book focuses on how universities and primary schools can work together to lead, manage, and sustain a culture of teacher inquiry. It examines the role of the university in providing a critical perspective on teaching and learning, and how academics can support schools by working as 'knowledgeable others' and advocates of classroom-based research. As a case study, it explores the journey taken by one particular primary school, in partnership with a university, over a two-year period, detailing how this work has impacted the professional lives of staff, the children they teach, the overall culture of the school, and the impact on school improvement. Chapters are contributed by professional school leaders, university academics, and primary teachers, with a focus on the rigorous examination of models of evidenced-based teaching, practical examples demonstrating some of the best and most sustainable approaches, and positive outcomes. (Series: Critical Guides for Teacher Educators) [Subject: Education]

Publication Date: 4/3/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781911106463

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