The Rivers of Dublin

New Revised Edition

By Clair L. Sweeney

Contributions by: Gerard O'Connell, Michael Curtis

The Rivers of Dublin is the magnificent new edition of a cherished study of Dublin's history that ranks as a classic for its stunning illustrations and unparalleled examination of Dublin's river routes, and the ceaseless activity that they inspired. In short, the history of Dublin is that of its rivers. The rivers, tributaries, and streams that have populated Dublin since its establishment have governed the expansion of the city and its quality of life-over time, many of these water routes have become hidden from view as the city expanded over them. Clair Sweeney's magisterial work brings the ancient watercourses to the surface once more, breathing life into alternate maps of Dublin and excavating entire societies. Sweeney's position in the Corporation's engineering department gave him unparalleled access to places that the majority of Dublin citizens hardly know exist. The Rivers of Dublin, newly updated and beautifully redesigned, is a meticulous study of the watercourses that flow through Ireland's capital city and serves as an alternative history of those who settled and thrived along their banks. [Subject: Irish Studies, Engineering, History, Natural History, Natural Sciences]

Publication Date: 12/31/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781911024859

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