Not All Sunshine & Sand

The Tales of a UK-Middle East Truck Driver (Revised Edition)

By Paul Rowlands

Contributions by: Brian Wales

Paul Rowlands takes the reader on a ride through foreign lands in the cab of a long-haul lorry, providing an insider's perspective on overland travel. This is a tremendous tale in which run-ins with the locals, dramatic encounters with foreign drivers, and mechanical problems seem the norm for a long-haul lorry driver. This memoir takes the reader into his world as a truck driver, initially around rural Suffolk and the rest of the UK, before embarking on the Middle East run. The long-distance lorry driver deals with life in the raw, with many hardships and occasional comforts: difficulties are tempered by the sheer beauty of mountain passes, lakeside stops and the generous hospitality of the people he meets. Trucking camaraderie has seen Paul through many a crisis, and he shares the belief that help is always at hand when a fellow driver is facing a problem. The new edition of this hugely popular book incorporates 72 photographs taken at the time, many of which have never been previously published. Born in the Rhondda, South Wales, Paul Rowlands' first job was with the Civil Service, but his love for travel led to his becoming a long-distance truck driver. Paul lives in Ipswich, Suffolk and continues to work as a truck driver/roadie. *** "Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, 'Not All Sunshine & San' is very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Contemporary Biography collections, and will have particular interest for non-specialist general readers with an interest in the culture and current history of the Middle East."~Midwest Book Review, Library Bookwatch: February 2017, The Biography Shelf[Subject: Transportation, Middle East Studies]

Publication Date: 10/21/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910456309