Hens, Hooves, Woollies and Wellies

The Diary of a Farmer's Wife

By Bobbi Mothersdale

Contributions by: Jacqueline Sinclair

Behind every good farmer is a great farmer's wife, though the farmer in question may not always appreciate this! Having been married to John for over 30 years, Bobbi Mothersdale knows this more than anyone. Through her diary, Bobbi gives a wry, comical and yet realistic account of life on their East Yorkshire farm. Over the course of the year, we meet her friends and family, as well as the three dogs, numerous hens and crafty guinea fowl that play such a big part in their daily routine. Like any farming family they have good days mixed with bad, including dealing with adverse weather, bureaucratic challenges and uncooperative livestock. Bobbi's accounts of her irate farming husband thwarted once again by the gods of rain or a petulant sheep will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever worked on a farm. Readers will laugh out loud at her description of the situations she finds herself in. Illustrated with 24 beautiful sketches by Jacquie Sinclair, Bobbi's dry and witty way with words can not fail to amuse and endear her to you. If you are a farmer's wife, you will find this a must-read book that you will want to share with all your friends. But be warned: you might need to prise it away from your husband and his friends first! *** "Experience a year in the life of an English farmer's wife as Bobbi Mothersdale recounts her daily feats and foibles with a quick wit and entertaining storytelling style." --Diana Fisher, author *** "A compelling and unfailingly entertaining read from cover to cover...will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to personal reading lists and community library collections. --Midwest Book Review, Reviewer's Bookwatch: February 2017, Margaret's Bookshelf *** "Bobbi Mothersdale has an endearing and blunt way of writing that will relay her farm experience to both farmers and consumers alike. Her story, like all of ours in agriculture, is unique to her experience and farm." --Lauren Arbogast, Paint the Town Ag {riculture} [Subject: Agriculture &?Farming, Memoir]~

Publication Date: 11/25/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910456279