The Farming Joke Book

A Collection of Agricultural Jokes, Amusing Stories and Anecdotes

By John Terry

Contributions by: Rory Walker

The Farming Joke Book brings together around 500 jokes, amusing stories, and anecdotes about farmers, farm animals, and life on the farm in general. So, whether one has been farming for 'donkey's years' or is new to it, and whether these farming two-liners make the reader laugh, cry, or just groan out loud, there will definitely be something in this collection that will tickle anyone's farming funny bones. Divided into 16 categories, and with 32 specially commissioned illustrations by Rory Walker, this pocket sized book will provide hours of enjoyment and is the perfect tool for the farmer wanting to entertain friends, family, and colleagues, no matter his or her age. [Subject: Humor, Agriculture]

Publication Date: 11/16/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910456118