River Habitats for Coarse Fish

How Fish Use Rivers and How We Can Help Them!

By Mark Everard

This illustrated book describes the many ways that coarse fish species depend upon the diversity of habitats in river systems, and it considers how this dependence changes throughout the stages of these species' lives - from spawning and eggs, through to the juvenile and adult stages - and with the changing seasons and river conditions. This understanding is important in order to recognize the many 'bottlenecks' to the population and the variety of coarse fish species that has resulted from the historic changes to rivers. It is also important to manage rivers positively to protect and improve the vitality of coarse fisheries - a process that will also benefit the broader wildlife with which coarse fishes are interdependent. The book provides practical habitat guidance needed for fishery/river managers and angling clubs to best direct their efforts in enhancing the prospects for all types of fish and other riverine wildlife. It will also be of use to fishermen and other members of the public who enjoy the natural beauty of thriving rivers and want to do their part in improving these waterway habitats. [Subject: Fishery Management, Ichthyology, Aquaculture, Potamology]

Publication Date: 7/17/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910456019