The Intuitive Farmer

Inspiring Management Success

By Peter L. Nuthall

Successful farm management is based upon excellent decision making by the farm owner. In practice, most decisions are made intuitively rather than the result of careful data collection and analysis, or analyzing others' views and associated factors. Thus, the farmer's intuitive decisions have a major impact on the business practices, efficiency, profitability, and success of the farm. In the form of a character-driven novel, this book guides the reader through a series of lessons for farmers to improve their intuitive decision making. The story follows Ben, a New Zealand farmer, as an important member of a discussion group. The experimental program is set up by a management researcher, Tom, to explore the best way to improve farmers' intuition. The farmer group has different characters in different situations, each one of which leads to interesting dilemmas and lessons. Each chapter addresses a different issue affecting farmers, such as risk management, benchmarking, budgeting and planning, negotiation skills, active listening, and farm ownership. By the end of the novel, the reader will have absorbed important farm management principles and practices through the activities and findings of the group. The Intuitive Farmer follows on from successful business management books, such as The Goal, which communicate business ideas and strategies in novel form. This is the first such book applied to agricultural management practices, providing a dependable source for farmers, agricultural and farm management students, and people involved in agriculture industries. [Subject: Agriculture, Business, Adult Fiction]

Publication Date: 1/13/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910455135