Horse Behaviour

Interpreting Body Language and Communication

By Barbara Schoning

Contributions by: Helen Grutzner

Authored by an experienced ethologist, this book draws on recent research in the field of equine ethology and applies it to practical knowledge that can be used to improve the relationship between horse and owner. The focus is on interpreting horse body language and signals to enhance understanding and the bond between human and horse. The book maintains a scientific approach throughout and discusses in detail the science behind horse behavior, including the evolutionary basis of behavior, the nervous system, and behavioral development. It addresses behavior in different situations and body states, including how horses see, hear, and smell, and how these functions relate to behavior. Also covered are mating and reproductive behavior, as well as behavior when feeding, playing, and resting. It adopts a problem solving approach throughout and includes a section on undesirable behaviors and how to manage them. Practical and systematic, the book is an ideal guide for horse owners, breeders, riders, and trainers, as well as equine science students, behaviorists, and other equine para-professionals. (Series: Horse Riding and Management) [Subject: Ethology, Equine Health, Veterinary Medicine]

Publication Date: 2/17/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910455128

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