Effective Personal Tutoring in Higher Education

By Dave Lochtie, Emily McIntosh, Andrew Stork, Ben Walker

This is an important new text for all academics within higher education (HE) who have a personal tutoring role, whether early in their career or more established. It is a relevant foundation for modules on HE teacher training courses as well as being useful for HE leaders. Becoming an Effective Personal Tutor in Higher Education</em> explores the concept of personal tutoring and coaching within HE and examines the core values and skills required. It identifies key activities and considers students' engagement and experience in relation to the tutoring role along with the need to measure impact. Throughout, the text encourages reflection and the need to think critically about the role of the personal tutor. In addition, it contextualises the role within the HE quality assurance landscape including the UK Quality Code and the Teaching Excellence Framework.

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910391983