Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

A Social Work Perspective

By Ian Cummins

The Criminal Justice System is becoming a de facto provider of mental health care, according to a series of recent prison inspections and reports on policing and mental illness which have highlighted the crisis in mental health services. However, the pressures on prisons and other areas of the CJS mean that the needs of those with mental health problems are often overlooked. This book examines the experiences of people with mental health problems across all stages of the CJS and across all the points of contact - police, Courts and prisons between the CJS and people with mental health problems. Providing a clearly written, comprehensive introduction to the main themes in this field, it also has a clear critical edge highlighting the failings in the areas of penal and social policy that have resulted in increasing numbers of people with mental health problems being criminalised. Highlighting a very important social issue, Mental Health and Criminal Justice provides a thorough introduction to this subject for social work students and practitioners. (Series: Critical Approaches to Social Work) [Subject: Social Work, Criminal Justice]

Publication Date: 2/25/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910391907

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