Success! Passing the Professional Skills Tests for Teachers

By Jenny Lawson, Annabel Charles, Trish Kreft

This is an essential book for anyone thinking of taking the UK's Professional Skills Tests for Teachers. Individuals must pass these tests before starting coursework, and this up-to-date text explains exactly what to expect and how to prepare for the latest versions of the tests. There is an emphasis on support and clear guidance throughout, along with plenty of practice material, so one can face the tests with confidence and succeed in application. The book provides: a guide to the variety of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) provision and routes into teaching * a preparation timeline * comprehensive coverage of both the numeracy and literacy tests * an audit of the individual's strengths and areas for improvement in literacy and numeracy * example questions and answers, highlighting common errors, providing top tips for success, with theories and methods fully explained * full practice papers, plus test-taking and revision strategies * discrete topics within the numeracy and literacy sections that enable focused learning, with explanations and hundreds of examples * larger format pages, with topics covered across double page spreads for ease of use and more memorable learning. *** Librarians: ebook available on ProQuest and EBSCO (Series: Critical Learning) [Subject: Education]

296 pages

Publication Date: 4/20/2015
Format: Ebooks
ISBN: 9781910391044

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