Postgraduate Handbook

A Comprehensive Guide for PhD and Master's Students and their Supervisors

By Aceme Nyika

This concise handbook is intended for postgraduate students and their supervisors. The author has travelled the postgraduate journey (PhD, MPH and PDHE) and experienced all the challenges and difficulties that most postgraduate students are likely to encounter. He has conducted research (which resulted in a patented invention), supervised postgraduate students, taught postgraduate courses and examined PhD theses and master's degree dissertations. This easy-to-read, straightforward volume outlines the concepts and strategies that will greatly facilitate the successful completion of postgraduate studies and offers help and advice on research methods, data analysis techniques, writing skills and student-supervisor relationships. The author demystifies complex research concepts and methodologies by explaining them in simple terms and making them understandable to students and novice researchers. The manual is an invaluable guide to postgraduate studies and provides an explanation of the methodologies, philosophical basis and concepts that underpin postgraduate research.This concise manual is essential reading for all PhD students, master's degree students and others pursuing, or contemplating, a postgraduate qualification. It is also recommended as an indispensable guide for supervisors of postgraduate students. [Subject: Education, Postgraduate Education]

120 pages

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910190753
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