Marylebone Lives

Rogues, romantics and rebels. Character studies of locals since the eighteenth century.

Edited by: Mark Riddaway, Carl Upsall

Historically, Marylebone (an inner-city area of central London) has uniquely been home to people, places, and events - as well as a fair share of rogues, villains, and eccentrics - that have helped shape the character of this London region. This book contains historical accounts of the Marylebone's politicians and warriors, its culture (from pop music and television to high art) and sport, love and marriages (stories from romance to acrimonious divorce), crimes and misdemeanors, science and medicine, buildings and places, and then the 'mad, bad, and dangerous to know' oddballs - those whose stories don't fit into a convenient box, but are too good not to tell. Marylebone Lives will remind readers that, alongside the glamour of this London society, there has also been hardship and squalor in the parish, as was graphically illustrated in Charles Booth's poverty maps of London in 1889. *** Librarians: ebook available on ProQuest and EBSCO [Subject: History, British Studies, 19th-Century Studies, Cultural Studies]

Publication Date: 6/26/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910151037

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