European Employment Laws

A comparative guide (third edition)

By Stephen Hardy, Mark Butler

This book reviews the evolution of labour law within the EU, analyzes the distinct regional approaches to employment and welfare, and looks at the pressures for change within a further enlarged EU. The authors then provide an outline of employment law in each of the 28 member states (including Croatia which joined the EU in 2013), and in Turkey (an aspirant member state). In the three years since the first edition of this book was published in 2007, much more information has become available on employment law in the new accession countries, which has now been incorporated into the second edition. It is also a timely reminder that that geographical expansion of the EU has not finished, as the book reviews the impact of the potential entry of new members as the EU extends eastwards. The book identifies those areas where the law is unified by the enactment of European Directives, and regional differences which are potential pitfalls for employers with workers in more than one EU state. It is intended for HR persons, lawyers looking for basic knowledge, policymakers & lawmakers elsewhere in EU, and EU bodies. [Subject: Employment Law, European Law]

Publication Date: 6/3/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781910151013