Born in the Ghetto

My Triumph over Adversity

By Ariela Abramovich Sef

This book is for all lovers of autobiography, history, and those interested in personal accounts of World War II. It is a personal testimony and a family saga played out against a background of some of the most momentous historical events of the 20th century. A novelist inventing a heroine would have been unlikely to come up with a more dramatic and gripping plot than that of Ariela Abramovich Sef's life story. Ariela's life was shaped both by difficult circumstances and her triumphs in overcoming them. Ariela brings these events to life as she narrates her gripping stories of survival in the Ghetto, growing up in the Soviet Union during the Cold War and Thaw period, migrating to the West, and her adventures in Paris. With remarkable courage, she also coped with congenital heart disease, prevailing and living life to the full. Ariela shares with the readers not only her interesting life in Paris, Moscow, and London, but also her pain, loss, endurance, and nobility of spirit, gentle sense of humor, and episodes of happiness. Passing away before she could complete her memoir, the book ends with tributes to Ariela written by her many devoted friends. *** "A poignant tale of courage and humanity in the face of staggering repression by the Nazis and the Soviet Union. Many years have passed but this is an eternal story - every bit as relevant to the violent upheavals and suffering of today, as to the shocking events of 70 years ago." - Tim Sebastian, Broadcaster and Journalist *** "Rarely has a posthumously published autobiography been such an impressively crafted, compelling and informative read. Very highly recommended for community library 20th Century Biography collections..." - Midwest Book Review, Reviewer's Bookwatch, Julia's Bookshelf, March 2015 [Subject: Memoir]

272 pages

Publication Date: 3/14/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909719019

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