Learning through Movement in the Early Years

By Sharon Tredgett

This concise and up-to-date text looks specifically at children's learning through movement and the implications of this understanding for practice in early years settings. Movement is a fundamental way in which children learn, so it is vital that early years students and practitioners have a full knowledge of the subject in order to encourage and provide a range of sensory opportunities for the children in their care. The book begins by identifying early movements, examining their links to the brain and the benefits they bring. It looks at how to create movement spaces and opportunities within provision to support key learning and then moves on to investigate two key issues: supporting children's early writing and the different ways boys and girls learn through movement. Each chapter includes key messages, case studies to contextualize the issues, and reflective questions to promote a deeper understanding. (Series: Early Years) [Subject: Early Childhood Education]

88 pages

Publication Date: 10/27/2015
Format: Ebooks
ISBN: 9781909682849

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