Theories of Professional Learning

A Critical Guide for Teacher Educators

By Carey Philpott

Contributions by: Ian Menter

This book is an essential guide to a number of important theories of professional learning, of particular value both to those taking on new responsibilities in relation to initial teacher education (ITE) and those interested in developing new ways of working in partnership. Each chapter provides a concise and critical overview of a key theory and then considers how it might impact on the processes and organization of teacher education, drawing on key pieces of literature throughout. The book responds to the growth of interest and research in professional and work-based learning, including ideas such as communities of practice, activity theory, and socio-cultural theory, alongside already established models, such as those of Schon, Eraut, and Shulman. In addition, changing models of teacher education mean there are new ways of understanding professional learning as practices, roles, and identities are re-established.

Publication Date: 11/4/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909682337

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