Reflective Primary Teaching

By Tony Ewens

This is an essential text helping student teachers, classroom teachers at all stages in their careers, school mentors, and teacher educators develop their effectiveness by analyzing and improving their practice in the light of a deeper understanding of the professional Standards in the UK. The new format of the UK Teachers' Standards means it is now necessary to develop shared understandings about, for example, what constitutes high expectations or good progress. Rather than making simple judgments about discrete skills or fragments of knowledge, a more holistic, rounded vision of teaching and learning is required. Each aspect of the Standards is dealt with in a chapter of its own, where the central topic is presented as both complex and contested in a way that invites readers to formulate their own interpretations. The approach that is used accentuates the importance of reflection as a key professional attribute and readers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and on their responses to case studies and quotations as a means of helping them to develop their understandings.

Publication Date: 5/21/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909682177

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