Teaching and Supporting Adult Learners

By Jackie Scruton, Belinda Ferguson

Edited by: Susan Wallace

This book is an accessible and up-to-date text on teaching and supporting adult learners, aimed at both student teachers and experienced practitioners. It explores teaching adult learners within a traditional further education (FE) context, but also working with those adult learners on Higher Education (HE) courses taught within FE. Adult learners have a distinct set of needs and challenges which can include issues of self confidence, fear of technology, time management, and financial constraints, and which may not always be fully recognized by educational practitioners or institutions. Teachers and student stories are used throughout the book to analyze learner needs and motivations, highlight possible barriers to learning, and explore strategies for support. It will enable those teaching adult learners to gain an understanding of the difficulties that students may experience while developing their own professional practice in order to create effective, focused, and inclusive teaching strategies for this group.

Publication Date: 6/19/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909682139

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