The Professional Teacher in Further Education

By Keith Appleyard, Nancy Appleyard

Edited by: Susan Wallace

This essential text provides an accessible and up-to-date critical analysis of professionalism for student teachers and practitioners within the Further Education (FE) sector. Professional values, knowledge, understanding, and skills form the core of the standards against which teachers are measured and the framework for the teacher's development, starting with initial qualifications and progressing through a career long process of continual professional development (CPD). The book introduces a range of theoretical models and examples of professionalism. It examines the critical importance of self-awareness and understanding of others as the basis for effective professional relationships with learners. The application of professional values, knowledge, and skills, both in the teaching role and in the wider academic community, is discussed. Throughout, the reader is encouraged to relate the theories to their own professional values and practice and to reflect on their own levels of professionalism and CPD requirements.

Publication Date: 4/8/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909682016

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