The Wisdom of Not-Knowing

Essays on psychotherapy, Buddhism and life experience

Edited by: Bob Chisholm, Jeff Harrison

Not-knowing may seem little more than a state of ignorance, yet whenever we see, hear or touch something that we don't recognize, we are instantly at our most alert. In that condition of not-knowing we are in a state of alive, lithe awareness: asking questions, inviting input, open to learning, looking for significance and meaning. These essays, most by practicing psychotherapists, some of them Buddhists, take as their starting point the idea that not-knowing is fundamental to conscious reflection and that the desire to know must always arise in the first instance from the self-awareness of not-knowing. The essays can be read in any order as each one uniquely expresses the wonder that can arise from not-knowing. They will be interest to anyone who has ever sat in either chair in psychotherapy or counseling-and to anyone troubled or intrigued by the experience of not-knowing. [Subject: Buddhism, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Psychology]

Publication Date: 2/1/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909470910