The Footbook of Zombie Walking

How to Be More Than a Survivor in an Apocalypse

By Phil Smith

In this Footbook, Phil Smith (Mytho, Crab Man) extends his critical account of the gentle walking arts to the predatory lurch of the living dead. A keen observer of the zombie mythos for the past 35 years, he draws on the multitude of plots, images and metaphors swarming from movies and comics to describe a groundbreaking way to have presence in everyday life. Invoking slowness, fragmentary consciousness, thickness and thingness, the author describes in strategic theory and a horde of tactics, how to walk from Night to Day and away from the old Dawn into a radical nothingness. Gorehounds will never see the zombie the same way again. Drawing examples from across the spectum of the living dead product, with plenty from its margins, Phil Smith celebrates and berates the zombie; then turns it into a meditation, a manifesto, a dance score and the herald of a social movement. Shambling around the three key principles of Interiority, Carnival and an End to Ends, the Footbook of Zombie Walking is a way back to a vital Life and an art of Living. It is the next step, beyond Mythogeography, to ending media predations, putting subjectivities back on the streets and coming to be present in everday life. The Footbook is a toolkit for anyone who wants to make their every gentle step or crawl an uprising against the apocalypse and a march to real life over the remains of a spectacle. 'When Humanity is fed up, then the living walk the Earth.'

Publication Date: 10/22/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909470873