Nothing Special

Experiencing Fear and Vulnerability in Daily Life

By Mary Booker

A remarkable collection of poetry, prose, photographs and personal experience on the experience of vulnerability. Mary Booker is widely known and respected as a dramatherapist. But in Nothing Special she draws primarily on her own autobiographical writing, movement art, poetry, photography and a year-long Working Creatively with Fear project - as well as her dramatherapy skills and knowledge. Mary explores the roots of vulnerability and fear in her own life, then uses four characters from Shakespeare's The Tempest to unpick the different faces of fear that arise when we meet rejection, abandonment, oppression, alienation, objectification, chaos and a sense of being out-of-control. She shows us how, with care, we can allow fear to become a gateway into vulnerability - and vulnerability can lead us into a deeper experience of joy, gratitude, aliveness and connection with self, others and the world around us. If you work with fear and trauma in others, or have ever experienced them yourself, Nothing Special will offer new approaches, ideas and insights for your personal, creative or professional practice. [Subject: Poetry]

Publication Date: 9/15/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909470804

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