Anti-racism in Social Work Practice

Edited by: Angie Bartoli

Contributions by: Prospera Tedam, Bernadette Curran, Sukhwinder Singh, Sue Kennedy, Charity Chukwuemeka, Paul Crofts

Anti-racism has a long history within the profession of social work and its education. Despite an agenda within higher education which promotes internationalization and practice which recognizes diversity, little has been written to address the question of why black African students have a different experience from others on their social work educational journey. This book is based upon the authors' experience as educators and their own research about and with black students' experience of racism and 'otherness' within social work practice and education. Radical and honest in nature, it re-visits anti-racism within social work practice and education from a student focused and informed perspective based on lived experience and conversations. This book will be of interest to all social work students, educators and policy makers with an interest in anti-racism and diversity. It includes practical models and tried and tested tools to help the reader work through these issues.

Publication Date: 4/9/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781909330139

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