Irish Historic Towns Atlas No. 26

Dublin Part III, 1756 to 1847

By Rob Goodbody

This third installment of the examination of Dublin - from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas series - traces the history and development of Dublin through the late 18th and early 19th centuries. During this period, many of the city's modern streets were laid out. A collection of 30 loose sheets present a variety of maps and views illustrating Dublin. Large-scale color maps depict the city (within the canals) in 1847 at two different scales, which can be compared with a modern town plan of 2012. Historical maps, illustrations, and paintings are reproduced in a large, high quality format. Thematic maps depict notable elements of the evolving urban landscape. The city's cultural and commercial life is opened up to the reader, with records of brewing and distilling, churches, city estates, and economic growth phases. The maps are accompanied by a detailed text section with topographical information on Dublin's cityscape of factories, schools, and shops at its core, along with an introductory essay on the growth of Dublin from 1756 to 1847. Also included is a CD-ROM of the publication, where the text is word searchable and the maps and images are in high resolution, allowing for detailed examination. (Series: Irish Historic Towns Atlas - No. 26) [Subject: History, Irish Studies, Topography, Archaeology, Urban Studies]

Publication Date: 10/30/2014
Format: Pack & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781908996343