How to Become a First Generation Farmer

By John Terry

This book is written for the first generation farmer, however, it will also appeal to a much wider audience, including established farmers. The book gives readers the information they need to commit themselves to a farming life, even if they lack experience and finances. It encourages would-be farmers to have a go at farming on their own, whether it be a hobby farm, part-time farm, or a full-time enterprise. How to Become a First-Generation Farmer covers a wide range of topics, including renting land and buying a field, as well as all the livestock enterprises, arable farming, haymaking, silage making, and much more. Written from a British perspective, a chapter is included on how to obtain planning permission for a mobile home and permanent dwelling in a greenbelt area, along with how to go about construction building (invaluable for those that need to live on the premises). As an added bonus, author John Terry writes with a sense of humor that uniquely shines through. [Subject: Agriculture, Farming]

Publication Date: 4/14/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781908397928