Farming in Miniature - A Review of British-Made Toy Farm Vehicles up to 1980

Volume 2: Dinky to Wend-al

By Robert Newson, Peter Wade-Martins, Adrian Little

Farming in Miniature is an essential guide for collectors of British toy models interested in farm tractors, farm horses and associated agricultural equipment. Many of the toys identified and described have never previously been mentioned in collectors' literature. It is being published in two volumes. Farming in Miniature 2: Dinky to Wen-al describes 52 manufacturers with supplementary chapters on promotional model tractors, unknown manufacturers and unidentified heavy tractors. This guide also includes a Guide to Harnessed Horses along with a Model Index and a General Index which cover the content in both books of this 2-volume encylclopeaedia. Manufacturers and brands included in Volume 2: covers the following: Dinky, Dragon Toys, Edith Reynolds, Escor, Fairchild, Fairylite, Forest Toys, Glyntoys, Grace Toys, Hercules, Hitchin Components, Hobbies Husky and Corgi Juniors, Johillco, Kayron Playthings, A.V.H.. Farm Toys and Olson Farminit Toys, Kleeware, Kondor, Kraftoyz, Leeway, Early Lesney Toys, Lipkin, Luntoy, Marx, Master Models (Kemlows), Matchbox, Maylow, Mears, Merit, Mettoy, Micromodels, Mills, Moko, Nicoltoys, Paramount, Passall, Peter Ward, Poplar Plastics, Primus Engineering, Shackleton, Sontaw, Speedwelll, Spot-On, S.T., Taylor and Barrett, F.G. Taylor & Sons, Taylor Toys, T.N. Thomas, Timpo, Tri-ang, Tudor Rose and Rosedale, Wells-Brimtoy, Wend-al. A huge number of photographs are included to thoroughly cover the details of model farm toys.

Publication Date: 9/5/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781908397560