Farming in Miniature - A Review of British-Made Toy Farm Vehicles up to 1980

Volume 1: Airfix to Denzil Skinner

By Robert Newson, Peter Wade-Martins, Adrian Little

Farming in Miniature is an essential guide for collectors of British toy models interested in farm tractors, farm horses and associated agricultural equipment. Many of the toys identified and described have never previously been mentioned in collectors' literature. It is being published in two volumes. Volume 1 covers the following: Airfix - Authentic Model Books - Benbros - Britains - Budgie - Bullock - Chad Valley - Charbens - Cheerio - Cherilea - Childs and Smith - Coral - Corgi - Crescent - D.C.M.T. and Lone Star - Deltoys - Denzil Skinner. The manufacturers / brands are arranged alphabetically. Each manufacturer has its own chapter introduced by an account of its history. These introductions cross-refer to the captioned photographs that follow and which make up the bulk of the chapters. In their general introduction the authors say that they have 'attempted to illustrate all significant variations of colour and packaging, particularly of rare or unusual models, so as to make the book as comprehensive as possible.' The three authors, all leading authorities, have drawn on their extensive past experience coupled with another five years to research, write and prepare photographs.

Publication Date: 10/1/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781908397553