Volvo F88 & F89 at Work

Second Edition

By Patrick W. Dyer

Volvo revolutionised heavy truck design in 1964 with the introduction of the L4951 Titan TIPTOP. The new model brought the principle of the tilting cab to Europe and provided the foundations for the F88 of the following year. Safe, comfortable, powerful and reliable: the F88 was everything that the competition was not. 'Driver appeal' as a concept was born. Furthermore, it arrived exactly when the rapidly expanding international haulage scene needed it most. The result: Volvo could not fail to make an impact. The F89, with more power, followed in 1970 and the UK only F88 290 was introduced in 1975. Over a twelve-year production life, Volvo built over 60,000 examples of the F88 and F89. This second edition of Patrick Dyer's book includes virtually all the photographs that were in the original publication and also contains 50 additional shots, many from the Volvo company archive. This has enabled Patrick to give greater coverage to the G88 and G89 models which were infrequent visitors to the UK. Patrick has also heavily revised and developed his text. The format of the book is larger than before, in keeping with his books on Scania, DAF and the Ford Transcontinental.

Publication Date: 5/6/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781908397157