The Donkey Lady

and Other Tales from the Arabian Gulf

Edited by: Patty Paine, Jesse Ulmer, Michael Hersrud

From mischievous goats to magical fish, this book offers readers a diverse and delightful collection of illustrated folk tales from the Middle East that will appeal to children. The book represents the culmination of a collaborative project that sought to collect, preserve, and represent traditional folk tales. The tales were collected by students at Qatar University, and were illustrated by art and design students at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. The collection bridges the past and present through illustrations that engage the imaginations of contemporary readers while also presenting a variety of fascinating tales that enliven local histories. The Donkey Lady and Other Tales from the Arabian Gulf preserves a regional culture while also serving as an introduction to the visual arts for young audiences. These timeless and beautifully rendered tales will be of interest to readers of all ages, and are especially relevant to those interested in folk tales and lore, as well as graphic and children's literature. *** "This collection of folktales depicts the classic struggle of good and evil. Kindness and cleverness are rewarded, and arrogance leads to its own destruction, but sometimes the story takes a twist you won't quite expect. Ranging from subtle to striking, a unique illustrative style accompanies every story." - Skipping Stones, Bookshelf, Sept-Oct 2013 *** "This anthology is a delightful collection of children's folktales of the Arabian Gulf region. Its stories are beautifully rendered into English and should be of interest to readers of all ages." - World Literature Today, November 2013

264 pages

Publication Date: 2/20/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781907784125