Global Arctic

Sovereignty and the Future of the North

By Scott Nicholas Romaniuk

As the Arctic undergoes drastic change, it has become a hotly contested region attracting unprecedented international attention. Rising temperatures, accessibility to vital resources, questions of sovereignty and jurisdiction, and the need to secure national interests in a global era has led to a host of States seeking an Arctic dominance. This book puts the scramble for Arctic dominance in the context of: sovereignty and jurisdiction, the supply of energy for expanding economies, the sea lanes and the question of navigation, and the elements of militarization and securitization dispersed across a variety of Northern corridors. Some of the questions that are addressed include: Do the current interests over Arctic resources mean there will be a securitization or militarization of this comparably less travelled area? * How, and to what extent, will the prognosticated increases in Arctic interests influence the militarization of its contiguous regions? * How have the geopolitical and energy related issues pegged the Russian Federation against the US, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland? * How does the establishment of current legal frameworks - such as those established under the watchful eye of the United Nations - prefigure in the adjudication of this dangerous contest? The book illustrates how contesting claims are being brought inextricably to the forefront of international politics. The deployment of Arctic States' military forces to defend their claims, has begun. Ongoing military training, the development of formidable warships, and the construction of powerful icebreakers suggest the future of the Arctic will be defined more by competition and conflict rather than by partnership and amity. Despite the rhetoric - by the US, Canada, Russia, Norway, and Denmark - that peaceful and cooperative efforts will define the future of the region, its value cannot be ignored.

288 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781907784095