A Walk Down the Fairway of Value Added Tax

A practical guide to VAT for golf clubs (Third Edition)

By Ian Fleming

Value Added Tax (VAT) is probably the furthest thought from anyone's mind as they look out from the golf course clubhouse towards the first tee. But, for anyone involved in the administration of golf courses, and, in particular, with their finances, grappling with VAT has been a thorny issue ever since it was introduced in the UK in 1973. This book explains the basic rules of VAT as they affect golf clubhouses in the UK. Written for club secretaries, treasurers, finance committee chairmen, and accounting practitioners that have golf clubs as their clients, the book highlights many of the most common problems likely to arise in the context of VAT. It offers practical advice, such as how to avoid an unexpected VAT bill on a refurbishment of the clubhouse. With this book as a reference, it will be easier to avoid the many VAT "bunkers" which can create unwelcome and costly traps for the UK's golf clubs.

102 pages

Publication Date: 2/22/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781907444753