Your Genes, Your Health & Personalised Medicine

Edited by: R.C. Michaelis, K.M. Sweet

We are fast approaching the era of personalized medicine, in which we will each be able to know our level of risk for many diseases, and medical treatments will be tailored to fit the individual, rather than treating all patients who have the same disorder in the same manner. This book is intended to help you understand how your genes influence your health, help you estimate your level of risk for a number of common diseases, and to inform you of the genetic tests which can be performed to help your doctor choose a medication or adjust the dose of a medication to best suit you personally. Your Genes, Your Health and Personalised Medicine contains a chapter which focuses on the interaction between genes and nutrition, and lists a number of genetic tests which can help a nutritionist, dietician or wholistic health practitioner develop a diet plan which best suits your individual physiology. This book will make it easier for both you and your doctor to know what tests can be performed to help determine your risk for a certain disease, the best dose of a medicine to prescribe for you, and what kind of diet will best maintain your health.

Publication Date: 1/1/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781907284168