Policy & Practice in Health and Social Care No. 12

By Richard Hammersley, Phil Dalgarno

Using Scotland as a case study of how modern drug policy evolved in a small country with liberal traditions and the highest rates of substance use problems in Europe, this book depicts the country's drug policy and practice over a 30 year period. It is built on the authors' extensive knowledge and experience of Scottish policy and practice. Scottish drug policy makes a particularly interesting case study because Scotland is small enough, with fewer than six million people, to be comprehended in its full complexity. Scottish policy can been seen either as a failure, since illicit drugs have spread everywhere in Scotland despite the country's lack of natural illicit drug resources, or as a success, as anti-drug policies have become relatively humane and are oriented towards helping people with substance use problems, rather than merely trying to eradicate drug use. The book will be of interest to those involved in formulating or assessing drug policies elsewhere. (Series: Policy & Practice in Health and Social Care - No. 12)

112 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781906716110