Philosophy in youth and community work

By Mike Seal, Simon Frost

Democracy, tolerance, fairness, trust, respect, conversation, self, society, individualism, collectivism, autonomy - these are the things that youth workers talk about. But, do they agree with each other on what these all mean? Or, should it matter? It is in the conversations (words) that youth workers have with each other, and the meanings (ideas) used to help young people in their lives that define these practitioners. But, if they are not precise in their arguments and do not begin questioning the assumptions behind their ideas and language, youth workers risk leaving young people unable to reason, and - as a result - in danger of being taken in by rhetoric, slogans, false promises, and propaganda. This book shows how youth workers can explore the assumptions behind their work. It raises questions about the values they should hold in relating to each other, the nature of these relationships, and what it is to be a person in society. The book will help workers at all levels (as well as young people), encouraging a diversity of philosophical outlook and helping to understand the tensions that do arise in youth work.

152 pages

Publication Date: 2/18/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541904