Essays in the history of youth and community work

Edited by: Tony Jeffs, Ruth Gilchrist, Jean Spence, Naomi Stanton, Aylssa Cowell, Joyce Walker, Tom Wylie

The range of material in this volume of essays reflects an increasing desire among both academics and practitioners to chart the origins of youth work and community work in the UK and elsewhere. The book will encourage practitioners and academics to reflect upon the earlier forms of practice and, via that process, reappraise what they are currently doing both within fieldwork and teaching. Table of Contents include: Not for One, but for All: The First Decades of Leeds Association of Girls' Clubs (1904-1935) * 'Fallen Women' and 'Artful Dodgers': Historical Reflections on Youth Deviance * Doing Their Bit: Girls' Clubs in the Great War * Scouting in a Divided Society: Judge William Johnson and the 78th Belfast * Theories and Traditions Informing Finnish Youth Work * The Cambridgeshire Village College: Origin and Mutation, a Perspective * History Illuminates the Challenges of Youth Work Professionalization * Reconsidering the Emergence and Establishment of Community Development in the UK: The 1950s and 1960s * Participatory Youth Work within a 1950s Scottish Housing Scheme * In Defense of the Albemarle 'Settlement' for Youth Work

192 pages

Publication Date: 2/8/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541881