Global Youth Work

Provoking consciousness and taking action

By Momodou Sallah

In a world of grotesque inequality and disproportionate distribution of the world's resources (80% of the world's resources are consumed by 20% of its inhabitants), the emerging discipline of Global Youth Work has suffered from a lack of theoretical location and has been progressively ignored in practice. This book advances theory and practice by developing a conceptual framework, drawing on theories of globalization, anti-oppressive practice, development theory, education, and youth work. It provides spaces and resources for youth workers, social workers, development workers, and associated trainees and academics within these fields to critically engage with this discipline. Global Youth Work should challenge this toxic orthodoxy and be rooted in the pursuit of social justice. Therefore, this book provokes consciousness, helping individuals and groups of young people to explore ways of conceptualizing and interacting with the world that differs from their existing constructions of reality, to gain a new critical consciousness. It will encourage young people to take action commensurate with their abilities, to move from a state of paralysis, and to change the way things are. The book explores: the concept and process of globalization * the construction of social reality and how our life experiences influence our reality * the scale and nature of global inequality, both between and within countries * sustainable development * definitions, terminology, and underpinning conceptualizations of Global Youth Work * the empiric evidence of its efficacy.

104 pages

Publication Date: 2/24/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541874