Youth Work and Faith

Debates, delights and dilemmas

Edited by: Mark K. Smith, Naomi Stanton, Tom Wylie

In the UK, following the recent decline in statutory youth work provisions, alongside growth in the faith-based sectors, thinking about youth work and faith is crucial, both to those working in faith-based settings and those working with them as partners or funders. This unique book draws on the debates, delights, and dilemmas of the relationship between youth work and faith in the UK. It is informed by a range of perspectives, from specific faith traditions, as well as cross-cutting issues, and it will enhance both practice and study. The book approaches the debates around youth work and faith in a way that is relevant to the youth work field as a whole, and covers a range of pertinent topics, including: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim youth work; talking about sex and sexuality with young people of faith; youth work around death and dying; using spirituality as a youth work tool; the place of doubt; the issue of indoctrination in faith-based provisions; and finding a middle way between faith-based and secular youth/community work courses. [Subject: Social Work, Youth Studies, Religious Studies]

Publication Date: 4/6/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541867