Roots and wings

A history of outdoor education and outdoor learning in the UK

By Ken C. Ogilvie

Driven by those who believe that the traditional academic approach to education is both too narrow and ignores important aspects of the whole person, this book presents the history of outdoor learning in the UK and explores the many factors that influenced its evolution. By exploring both the millennia long history of man's relationship with the natural environment, and the more recent changes in approaches to education and personal development, this extensively researched book establishes clear foundations for a deeper understanding of the roots of outdoor learning. Roots and Wings traces - and places in context - many of the individuals and movements that played important roles in its growth and diversity in the UK. The book demonstrates the timeless need for nature to play a part in every child and young person's development. It supports the case for an early connection with the nature in each child's life, and an on-going healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle for all ages. Roots and Wings provides guidance for those trying to influence the journey they are on. It shows the potential for future development, and with its wealth of references, it is a timely reminder of the need to work with and harness the power of nature, engendering a more adventurous spirit and nature-loving mindset in future generations. Roots and Wings will be essential for practitioners, researchers, teachers, lecturers, youth workers, and policy makers, as well as students of outdoor education, environmental studies, and personal development.

824 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541843