Social Work Models, Methods and Theories

A Framework for Practice (Second Edition)

Edited by: Deirdre Ford, Paul Stepney

As social workers face a crucial challenge, intensified by global economic recession, of balancing the need to be effective and evidence-based with promoting critical and emancipatory change, the debate about what constitutes good social work practice has become highly contested. More than ever, social workers need a good knowledge of the social sciences and practice theory, the capacity for critical reflection and analysis, and the skill to translate all of this into effective intervention. For those seeking to understand social work, the second edition of this best-selling text offers a systematic examination of different methods, models, and practice theories, written by a range of respected academics and practitioners. The book sets these ideas in a clear and accessible framework of practice in changing political, economic, and social contexts, and it considers future developments in an international context. It will stimulate debate and critical reflection about social work and how theory can enhance and enrich practice everywhere in ways that promote effectiveness and social justice.

326 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541836

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