The Teenager's Foster Carer's Handbook

Caring for Young People in Foster and Residential Care and Helping Them to Become Adults (Fourth Edition)

By Meral Mehmet, Ann Wheal

Acclaimed across three previous editions, this handbook - based on research in the UK - can help anyone looking after young people aged 12 years and over, including those with special needs, to provide care that equals or surpasses what is required. Although developed for foster care providers who are working with young people, the book will also be useful for residential carers and for anyone helping prepare young people for adult life. It is packed with detailed guidance about looking after young people, being a foster care provider, and living in a fostering household or care home. It aims to: explain how carers can work with and care for the young people in their care * enable young people to return to their families when appropriate * enable carers to meet the full range of a young person's needs * explain the caring roles and responsibilities. Although there are differences in detail, the governments of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all make similar requirements of carers. The book shows carer providers how to achieve the expectations placed on them and maintain standards. It underlines and encourages the use of relevant government standards and gives examples of good practice. As a comprehensive guide that can be called on when just about anything arises, it has been developed to help carers make appropriate decisions, and it answers the many questions young people may ask about their time 'being looked after.' For use as a 'talking tool,' it includes photocopiable support activities to help young people understand the present, face the future with confidence, and, in time, become independent adults and move on. The previous editions of this book were published under different titles: Answers for Carers (1994, 1999) and Young People in Foster and Residential Care (2003).

192 pages

Publication Date: 5/8/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541812