Working with Street Children

An Approach Explored

By Andrew Williams

Anyone who works with street children on a daily basis knows that the work is worthwhile and rewarding, but also recognizes how frustrating and painful it is that any child should be faced with such a situation. This book has been developed to empower street children through rebuilding lives, restoring dignity, and releasing potential. While acknowledging different views, it is based on the belief that there is sufficient common ground between different cultures and contexts for practitioners in all parts of the world to learn from each other. By providing an analysis of how one approach has been tried, tested, improved, and expanded - as well as through careful and constant attention, reflective analysis, and review - the book shows how principles can be drawn out which transcend both culture and the practical application of those principles in any one context. The book highlights the interrelated aspects or features of an approach that has proved effective - holistic, relational, transitional, child-centered, and professional - and is built around a conviction that the approach is untenable or weakened if any of these elements is missing or ignored. It will be of benefit to any practitioner with responsibility for the care, welfare, guidance, and empowerment of homeless and abandoned children and young people. It will assist executive staff who develop and manage practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, students, and libraries in youth work, social work, and counseling.

176 pages

Publication Date: 10/31/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781905541805